Un bel oiseau rare dans le ciel de l’Anjou Noir

Là où la terre finit, commence l’inconnu

Un matin j’ai pris la terre croyant prendre la mer...

Et cette vigne qui n’en finit pas d’offrir son fruit...

In January 2008, Charlotte and Thomas embarked on a marvelous winemaking adventure with the acquisition of the Terre de l'Élu domain (ex Clos de l’Élu), on the schist-rich lands of the Anjou Noir. With many years’ experience as a wine consultant (Thomas), in the fields of communication and management (Charlotte), they are both deeply passionate about the life of this domain which lies on the finest terroirs of the Layon valley. The 20 hectares are farmed organically and the domain offers a structured range of different wines. If it was the Chenin that attracted Thomas and Charlotte to Anjou, the red grape varieties (Cabernet Franc, Grolleau, Pineau d'Aunis) continue to inspire them with deep, rich vintages that are expressive and full of finesse.

From Clos de l’Élu to Terre de l’Élu
Under this name, Terre de l'Élu, nothing changes in the way we manage our vines or produce our wine. However, we felt cramped in the straitjacket of appellations, and following several remarks on the non-conformity of the organoleptic qualities of our wines, we preferred to give priority to our freedom and creativity rather than trying to make wines that do not resemble us.
The word "Clos" being reserved for appellation wines only, we have therefore created a new name: Terre de l'Élu. A name full of meaning for the Breton winegrowers who love to take to the sea so much!

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